In a completley unrelated to my rheumatoid arthritis stroke of luck I am now in the midst of a platelet disorder called ITP.

And so I have a new blog at


So visit / click there for the latest and greatest (fingers crossed) on my low or high platelets, ITP, Immune thrombocytopenia, Octagam infusions, Mabthera, over eating, getting fat, prednisone, periods and all the other interesting (and not so interesting) stuff I can throw up unedited into my laptop just for you.

Nic(ole)x 🙂

PS.  But make sure you keep coming back here to www.hasmyhaloslipped.com to find out the latest in my pursuit to publication. That’s much more fun and interesting than spending time with me as I eat my way to obesity while sitting around a hospital ward bleeding and bruising. So come back soon. Please…


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