Some places I’ve been published

Some places I’ve been published:

  • Rough Guide to Sydney, Australia 
  • Hot Spanish Nights, The Weekend Australian, Travel and Indulgence 
  • An excerpt from Has My Halo Slipped, Or do I Have a Screw Loose? Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, Health & Science 
  • Letters to Editor Sydney Morning Herald – too numerous to mention 
  • Best of Letters to the Editor Sydney Morning Herald – yes I made the Best of! 
  • Loads of advertising for real estate
  • And more
  • And maybe soon Has my halo slipped? (Or do I have a screw loose?) The Book. Fingers Crossed

One comment

  1. Have just read the first 3 chapters….yes it took me 34 minutes to read (I am a slow reader) and must say that it is a great start to what will surely be an amazing book. I’m hooked already and really hope that a publisher finds you Nicole cos I want to buy the whole book now that I’ve had a taste! Well done for putting yourself out there – very courageous indeed!

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